Twitch Commission Pricelist and Samples

New Website for easier reading layout: Click here

Commission closed until further notice

Twitter: @NikkiGZ0

Company contact + enquiry:

Terms and Conditions:

  1. I have the right to decline orders I’m not comfortable working with.
  2. 3 – 4 weeks to finish your commission after I started working on it (exclude revision time). I don’t accept any rush order. If you absolutely need it rushed, price will be original price x 2.
  3. I will ask for 50% Down Payment before starting on your order. All final files will be sent after full payment is completed
  4. PSD options available for Schedule Template. Additional 50% extra fee if you want the source file of other items, because I need extra time to separate the layers. Adobe Illustrator file (AI).
  5. I have the rights to post the commission result as my sample, you can let me know if you want me to post it after a certain date (e.g. Debut date), +100% fee for non-published option.

Design Process

  1. Maximum 3 – 4 rough drafts, additional charge for more
  2. Maximum 2 major revision before I make the final files. +100% fee for major revision after design is finished
  3. No cancel / refund after I have started working on your order

My Design Style

I specialised in cutesy, minimalist vector flat design! it’s inspired by the popular styles used by Japanese Vtuber. For Logo I can do hiragana and katakana writing, for kanji you need to provide me with the writing.

I am not a motion grapher, but I can make simple animations, opacity, transform, position, etc (please see sample), no frame by frame animation. I can’t make Debut / MV video.

Please tell me your design request / theme idea when ordering

Note: Image Heavy Page

NEW! Full Stream Set Package: $800 [CLOSED!!!]

Full Package are more expensive because the concepting, discussion, and revision etc will take a long time and I will be in constant communication with you throughout the process, therefore unable to take other commission.

Please note:

  • Overlay is static (not animated)
  • Art for loading screen / offline will be provided from the Vtuber
  • Loading screen will have the same design for both Starting Soon and BRB, but different text
  • The package include sub-badges only. If you already have sub badges, I will make bits badges, the set does not include both.

Samples (all artwork are provided by the Vtubers):

Stream Overlays and Background: ORDER CLOSED

Price List:

$100 per layout (Just Chatting / Art / Game)

$200 per set (Just Chatting + Gaming / Art / Other)

Simple Animation + $50 (Animated by @Josuu_San )


Animated Overlay for Keiki Amai
Animated Overlay for Amaiami
Animated Overlay
Animated Overlay @sakinyan_ch

Twitch Panels: ORDER CLOSED




Bits Badges: (same price as sub bagdes)



Logo Animation + $55 (animated by @Josuu_San)

Stream Alerts YCH (Streamelements):

$50 per alert, +$10 for every variations

Other screens: CLOSED


ItemPriceAdditional Screen (Same Design,
Different Text)
Static Screen (not animated)

Art will be provided from the Vtuber
Animated Screen$80$20 (layout can be slightly different)
Endless Pattern Loop$60


Note: Art for loading screen / offline screen will be provided from the VTuber!

Endless Pattern Loop $60 – ORDER CLOSED

Simple Stinger $35ORDER CLOSED

Simple Track Matte Stinger (Both screen can show during the transition) $45

Animated Screen Sample (NO MUSIC WILL BE PROVIDED, mp4 file) Art provided from Vtuber / artist

Vector Art: Start from $50

Idol Sign Autograph Style: Order via Ko-fi

Some Assets available to buy in ko-fi!

Custom Pattern: $50 (Order closed)

Collab Commission

Live2D Model + Overlay + Emotes

Model artist: Chroneco

Live2D animator: AlexyonChopper

Logo + Overlay: Me!

More info:

Emotes and Character Sheet by Haloclo18

Character Sheet: $60 – Emotes: $50/5 emotes

More images:

Thank you!

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