Website Redesign for

I was tasked to redesign the main company website for, because the previous website was outsourced and therefore hard to maintain by the team. My task includes creating all graphical design, copywriting, and transfering the domain ownership from the outsource team to in-house.

Side-by-side comparison and changes reasoning

Home Page

Before: The top view of the home page is a company profile video, which made the website quite slow to load. The longer a webpage takes to load, the more its bounce rate will skyrocket. (Bounce rate: the percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave rather than continuing to view other pages within the same site). In a research conducted by, the result shows that 1 in 4 visitor would abandon a website that takes more than 4 seconds to load. Therefore, the website home page is not optimised to lessen the bounce rate.

The home page is also full of images that represent the company product, however there are little information about the company itself, such as the location, product range, and technologies they used. It is not eye-catching or attention-grabbing, and visitors will have a hard time deciding where to proceed from the home page.

After: A Banner featuring the company logo and business type is displayed on the top of the page. There are also short informations for each pages of the website such as About, Products, Clients, and Contact Us, complete with forwarding Buttons to the corresponding page. Visitors can also input their email to be listed in the company contact and get promotion emails.

Graphics created for Home Page:

About Page

Before: The page shows some short information about the company. There are no supporting imagery in the page, and the lack of information make the page seems inconsequential and not persuasive to potential customers.

After: There are some paragraphs that describe information of the company history and existing locations, with an animated parallax background of a glass perfume bottle. The page also provides information of Lumei staff, Awards, and Factories complete with supporting proof and pictures. There is a button that will take visitor to the “Contact Us” page in the bottom section for easy access of potential customer to start communication with the company after reading the page.

Technology Page

Before: The information of technologies used in the company factory are mainly achieved through video medium. Videos are a great way to keep visitors engaged with the content, but also own some drawback, as visitors with slow internet speed are unlikely to click on it. The lack of video cover image might create confusion as well, as it was not hinted what is the content of the video.

After: The page is divided to two sections, each features the Factory name, short introduction, photos of the factory and its product. There are also e-catalogue available that visitors can open and download by clicking the catalogue cover thumbnail.

Product Page

Before: The main category of product is represented by icons and name, then visitors can click on the buttons to see photos of product sample of each category. The name and icon might be unclear for visitor that don’t have experience in packaging business. The sample photos are also too many and put in one long page, resulting in long loading time and consume a lot of data when opened.

After: Each product category are represented by photo of the product type, thus making it friendlier for both expert and general visitors. The product photos on the website is limited to maximum 15 photos for each category, both to limit loading time and to encourage visitor to get in contact with the company to ask for more product samples. All of the photos are also watermarked with the company logo and website so it can’t be taken by competitors or reseller, a problem that had previously happened.

Portfolio Page

The images in the portfolio page are resized and optimised for web, as well as layout changes to show one big photo on the center of the page with small thumbnail of the other pictures below it.

Contact Page

Before: Basic contact page featuring the company address and phone number, which doesn’t look compelling for potential customers and only provides minimal information.

After: Some selling points featuring why the potential customer should order with Lumei. The contacts provided are email, whatsapp number, and social media. For customer that is interested to have an offline meeting or visitation, the address, contact person, and google map link for each office branch is also listed on the website. Lastly, to visitor that are still not sure to contact Lumei, the previous pages are linked at the bottom of the page to encourage them to explore the website again.

In conclusion, I found Wix to be a great website builder service. Compared to WordPress which I have also used before, Wix provides more options for layout, design, and animation without the need to code. It also has a good customisation for mobile layout, thus designer can make the website mobile-friendly by optimising the feature. Not only that, Wix provides a SEO Guide and insightful analytics for website builder to optimise their website statistics and get found on search engine.

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