My portfolio showcases various projects created throughout my career. See my contact information below and get in touch.


Website Redesign for www.lumei.id

I was tasked to redesign the main company website for http://www.lumei.id, because the previous website was outsourced and therefore hard to maintain by the team. My task includes creating all graphical design, copywriting, and transfering the domain ownership from the outsource team to in-house. Side-by-side comparison and changes reasoning Home Page Before: The top view…

Twitch Commission Pricelist and Samples

Note: THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER UPDATED. MY COMMISSION LINK: https://vgen.co/NikkiGZ Commission closed until further notice, will be open in Ko-fi whenever it is available! Twitter: @NikkiGZ0 Company contact + enquiry: nikicorny2@gmail.com — Frequently Asked Questions — 1. Do you have a waiting list? I don’t have a waiting list for my commission, sorry! 2.…

Vector Illustration

I like to do vector illustrations in my free time, and I also use them in my works sometimes such as the Calendar and Christmas greeting card. All of the illustrations are created using Adobe Illustrator on Mac or Affinity Designer on iPad.

UI Design

These are some UI Design practice that I created while joining the Daily UI Design Challenge. In the challenge, a theme is given each day to the participants and we are free to create 1-2 screens each day based on the theme given. The assets were made in Illustrator and the screen design / prototype is created in Adobe Xd.

Hotline WhatsApp Promotion

During summer break, I worked with a digital marketing team for Anugrah Lumei Raya company to create a digital promotion system for their products. The current on-going practice is by using a company Instagram account. However, it is deemed not very effective as through the data gathered most of their customers and potential market mainly use the messaging service “WhatsApp” to contact the marketing staff. Thus, we want to optimise the existing media.

We set up the company hotline that was previously inactive and created ads to be sent to customer (JPEG). I also created promotional video featuring popular and trending products to be posted in the WhatsApp status.

Usability Testing and Evaluation

Based on the Interaction Design principles and Usability Heuristics, I did an analysis for Lumei.id website that is in the middle of development. After checking all pages and elements of the website, I created a visual report to be forwarded to the website development team as suggestion and recommendations for future steps. The report is completed with screenshots and markers on specific parts and sections for the recommendation so it would be easily understood by the clients and also the developer.

UX Research and Design

During the course of Master of Interaction Design in UTS, I took several classes that teach me about UX Research and Design. I learnt about interviews, cultural probes, and how to analyse qualitative data using thematic analysis in Human-Centred Design Method, and how to present that data in a visual and communicative way using a poster. I also learnt how to create various design artifacts such as Persona, UX Stories, and sketches based from the data gathered and team discussions for projects.

Graphic Design

I created multiple graphic design works for various companies during internship, in-house work, and freelance. Those works include logo, branding, photo editting, flyers, advertisements, and many more.

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